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East West Publishing was established to produce and distribute books that address the most important issues facing humanity and the world today. Of particular interest are books that bridge the space between religion and science, faith and philosophy, ideology and politics.

These works all contribute to human enlightenment as the basis for improving the lives of people everywhere. They are made available to the public in hardcover, paperback and digital formats through Amazon initially, followed by distribution to other book-seller markets through Ingram.

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Full Circle - The Moral Force of Unified Science, Edited by Edward F. Haskell

The Moral Force of Unified Science
Edited by Edward F. Haskell
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Full Circle: The Moral Force of Unified Science by Edward Haskell was first published in 1972. Out of print since then, it has only been available in a few libraries. Now, in 2024, this groundbreaking work on the universal laws operating across nature’s kingdoms, and the ‘Golden Rule’ they embody, is once more available worldwide. Edited by Thomas Cromwell and released by East West Publishing, this new edition benefits from several improvements, including the redrawing of its many unique diagrams.

Divine Providence, The Cain-Abel Paradigm,
And the End of Marxism
By Thomas Cromwell

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The Second Edition includes a new foreword on Putin’s Cain-like invasion of Ukraine, which demonstrates anew the pattern of evil that has been the bane of humanity. However, when viewed through the lens of Divine Providence, the right response to predatory aggression becomes clear. So too does the way that Abel must go beyond conflicts to achieve a durable triumph of good in a world under God.

By Thomas Cromwell

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When looked at from the perspective of the Divine Providence, the person and life of Jesus come into fresh focus. On the one hand, his immense suffering culminating in torture and crucifixion by Israel’s establishment underscores the difficulty of his mission as the savior of Israel and the world. On the other, it demonstrates the greatness of his character and faith in the face of persecution by the very people who had been specially chosen to receive him as their Messiah.

By Thomas Cromwell

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The brutal invasion of Ukraine by Russia is the result of decades of ill-conceived foreign policy priorities in the West.

Ever since George F. Kennan’s post-WWII containment policy became gospel in most Western capitals, the world’s bad actors have been able to exploit the West’s reluctance to confront and defeat tyrannies because of its exaggerated fear of provoking the escalation of conflicts. The goal of containment and détente was to maintain the status quo of a world divided between two rival superpowers–and not to defeat evil.

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